Goldsmith Building, Old Town, Portland
My first assignment for Studio Jelly - to create value in the common space of our floor in the Goldsmith Building in Old Town.

This 800 year old design is a reduced replica of the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral, France. After coming up with a lot of terrible ideas, I decided we should replicated a scaled model in the hallway and paint it by hand, the rosette resting in the middle of the floor leading guests directly to our studio door.

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Photo by Chris Hornbecker

OZ Contemporary Art, Nashville
Design installation based on the visual identity of OZ Nashville. MDF particle board, CNC Routing Machine, and LED lights.

Super-human production expertise on this project:
Ryan J Bush
Alex R Taylor
Allison Berg
Mirtho Prepont
Nishat Akhtar
Mathew Foster
Will Bryant
Alisha Henson
Ethan Furniss
Janice Grube
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Seamus Holley
Jon James Staton

Clifton Burt curated a group show for the Portland Trailblazers with over 30 artists at Land Gallery. I submitted an official NBA basketball covered with 7,000 copper-cup sequins and 1 jar of tacky glue. On the ball the numbers 77 are set in Portland Trailblazers colors to commemorate the year they won the NBA World Championship Series.

OVER IT: A collaboration
Our invitation to the gallery opening read:

“Can 18 disparate Portland artists, writers, designers, art directors, fashion designers and illustrators get together and work as a singular unit to make art? Probably not.”

Together we crafted 14 miles of string strung through 2500 eye screws spelling the words:

Interview with It's Nice That on this collaboration.

Jelly Helm
Aaron Rayburn
Jeremy Pelley
Matthew Foster
Fritz Mesenbrink
Chris Hutchinson
Damion Triplett
Jennie Hayes
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Marco Kaye
Mike Giepert
Justin Scrappers Morrison
Driscoll Reid
Jason Sturgill
David Neevel
Taylor Twist
Jimm Lasser
Julia Oh

OZ Nashville
Brand building for a new contemporary art gallery in Nashville, TN. Concept, direction, discovery and storytelling of an art-based startup in a culturally distinct community.